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Meet the Family!

Meet our Family!



Franklin "Hoss" and Linda Sanders moved to and began farming on Carpenters Lane in Port Royal, KY in 1966.  This beautiful farm has been home to Tim and his two siblings- Joy and Matt- for over 50 years.  

After Hoss's passing in 2014, the family knew that they wanted to keep the family tradition and farm on this beautiful land. Thus, the creation of a family business endeavor!

Port Royal Plants, LLC.

Port Royal Plants, LLC is a Veteran Owned- family owned hemp farming company.  Farming on Carpenters Lane in Port Royal since 1966.  At Port Royal Plants, we sell plants/clones, farm, and produce a variety of CBD products.  

We are proud to say our products are produced with CBD Oils processed with Kentucky and Tennessee's finest products.  Our products include our finest CBD oils, CBD Bath Bombs and our very own Franklin Favorites CBD Dog Supplements.  Read more about Franklin (our puppy St. Bernard born 2-11-2-19 and follow his growing trend as he is growing as rapidly as the CBD world!) 

In addition to our products, we offer a variety of hemp clones for planting; we grow plants in the field and harvest biomass. 

For information email us at: PortRoyalPlants@gmail.com or info@portroyalplants.com

Call us today: 859-229-4500



Franklin is our 10 week old Saint Bernard puppy.  Try our new Port Royal-Franklin's Favorite Dog CBD Dog supplements.  

Be sure to follow us as we track Franklin's growth over the next year.  It will be as exciting as the growth in the CBD industry.  Fast and furious. Enthralling, entertaining, and engaging.  Hang on!